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Antonio Woodard

Singer | Songwriter | Performer | Recording Artist

Throughout the course of Antonio's musical career, he constantly wins over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, & occasions, making dozens of appearances, & continuing to record new singles & albums, Antonio has been earning the admiration & affection of fans since he was a child. He serves as both an inspiration & a role model all while living his truth.


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About Antonio Woodard

A Story Steeped in Sound

Antonio Woodard is a competitor & the music industry is competitive to say the very least. While working on music, finishing graduate school & ending his collegiate track & field career at the 2020ne Olympic Trials, his desire to compete, win, & just perform never stopped. If anything it heightened his desire to be great & serve others with his music on grand & intimate stages. He is so blessed, grateful, & fortunate to have the gift to be a singer, songwriter, & performer which all stemmed from his church background, being a part of vocal jazz groups, madrigal choirs, & various a cappella groups! All of which has given him the tools to perfect his craft however, there will always be room for growth. He will forever be coachable & a student in this business. Growing up he remembers hearing stories about how his grandparents (Silver Gate Quartets) toured the country performing & hoping one day that he could do the same. He was always too shy to even open his mouth to sing. Looking back, he cannot imagine a life where he is not utilizing his gift. There is truly nothing else Antonio would rather be doing than music. No other job or profession fulfills him the way music does, they simply do not cut it. The older he gets the more clear it becomes how short life is & that we only have one shot at it. He would rather die knowing he exhausted every chance & opportunity than to live his life "what if-ing" everything. Whatever it takes, is what he has in him!

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